Why Us?

Our Experience


We believe in making communities stronger and achieving a shift in the balance of power towards those communities. We aim to:

· leave communities with greater choice and control over their lives 

· improve the environment in which they live and work

· enable them to identify and gather the community assets that promotes stronger communities and an improved environment

· foster the networks and social connections that creates resilience


Collectively we have worked on every element of the shaping and making of places and communities. We have defended and secured the rights of different communities and individuals. We have been organisers and campaigners. We have been at the heart of developing policy and delivering the same in the public, voluntary and private sector. We have been part of detailed analysis of the wealth of information that is created in today’s data driven world. We have wide experience in these areas but also have enough self-awareness and insight to reflect and know that things have got to change.

Our interest is in working directly with communities. We seek to be community activists ourselves. By standing slightly apart from the policy makers and using our knowledge and experience to bring the collective power of communities to bear on the decisions that are being made about their lives. We want to give communities control and create catalysts for further change.

We aim to have long term relationships with the communities with whom we work and aspire to be part of a network of organising and activism.