Lisa Trickett

Shaping Places, Changing Communities


Lisa has brought together the development of policy and the representation of communities for many years. Lisa has held  leadership positions in the sphere of public policy in both a political and professional context for over two decades.  Lisa is known for her strategic thinking and collaborative leadership practice and has worked within the public, private and higher educational, sectors.

She developed the Leadership of Place programme in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency which sought to create long term sustainable and inclusive communities through organisations of every kind working together. She has also worked separately on developing approaches to investment planning in communities and served on the boards of a number of strategic bodies.

Lisa is currently a Member of Birmingham City Council having been first elected in 2012 and served four years as the Cabinet Member for environmental and sustainability policy. Areas of focus for Lisa in that role have included climate change, air quality, fuel poverty and green space. She chaired Birmingham’s Green Commission and led on the creation of ‘Energy Capital’, a collaboration between the public and private sectors to invest in innovative sustainable energy solutions. Lisa also served as policy lead on part of the Bishop of Birmingham’s Social Inclusion Commission providing the frame for the adoption of approaches to inclusive growth and active wellbeing within the City.

Lisa is currently Chair of the Active Well Being Society, a member of the City-REDI Advisory Board and a Trustee of Chamberlain Highbury Trust.