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We are a collective that aims to be a disruptive promoter of system change. We do not turn up with all of the answers but we believe the answers are there to be found. We will have succeeded when we are able to shift the balance of power within communities towards one which reflects a collective ownership and use of the common assets of that community. That will typically mean an unwillingness to accept the status quo and an inclination to challenge the power of ‘incumbency’ or in other words those institutions that historically set the direction and structure.

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We are interested in hearing from people or organisations that are looking to bring about a long term change through building on the power within communities. Whether you are an organisation looking for a different approach to securing social justice or a group, large or small, that are trying to challenge the status quo we would love to hear from you.

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We are always happy to make new contacts and we are interested in finding new ways of working with people and communities.

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